Technical Standard
Technical Services Directorate is made up of the following Departments: Technical Standards and Inspectorate Services Department , Metering Services Department and other Strategic Business Units (Transformer Repair Workshop and Chemical Laboratory). The directorate is solely responsible for the Agency’s mandate of enforcement of technical standards and regulations, Technical inspection, testing and certification of all categories of electrical installations, Electricity meters and instruments to enable the efficient production and delivery of safe reliable and sustainable electricity power supply in Nigerian Electricity Supply Industries (NESI) and other allied industries.

Technical Standard & Inspectorate Services Department:
This department Comprises of 17 Electrical Inspectorate Field Offices strategically located nationwide.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To carry out the enforcement of technical standards and regulations.
  • Carry out inspection, testing and certfication of all categories of electrical installation in the Nigerian electricity supply industry and other allied industries/workplaces.
  • Process and issue competancy certificates to qualified electrical personnel working in the Nigerian electricity supply industry and other allied industry/workplaces.
  • Regularly carry out periodic inspection, monitoring and assesments of existing powe installation, Extra High Volatage (EHV) and High Voltage (HV) transmission lines, associated transmission lines, associated transmitting or switching stations and distribution networks to ensure that they are in regular fitness to generate, transmit, distribute and deliver reliable and safe power supply to the electricity consumer nationwide.
  • Carry out investigation of electrical accidents and electricutions nationwide.
  • Carry out inspection and certfications of electric concrete pole manufacture in Nigeria.
  • Ensure standardization and reliability of equipment, mechines and materials used for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Nigeria
  • Inspection, Tesing and Certfication of Electrical installaions at hazardious locations in petrol/service filling stations, prospectinf oil companies (e.g. Shell, Mobil, Chevron etc) Off and onshore flow station/wells, Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels etc.
  • Inspection, Testing, and Certification of Electrical installation of privetely owned (Independant Power Producer, IPPs) electric gemnerating plants/sets