Introduction & Metering Code

Introduction & Metering Code


All energy meters to be deployed in Nigeria must meet the general requirements of the Nigerian Metering Code Version 02.
These requirements which are generally specified in Section 4 of the Code include:

  • Applicable Voltage, Current & Frequency Standards
  • Accuracy
  • Type of Connection points
  • Casing
  • Location of Check & Metering Systems
  • Communication


The technical specifications enunciated herein are a summary of minimum requirements for energy meters and metering accessories approved for use in Nigeria’s electricity network. It is aimed at promoting quality of energy metering in Nigeria to ensure fair play in energy transactions among utilities and customers and safety of all meter users. The specifications cover the following:

  • Electromechanical Meters
  • Electronic Meters
  • Prepaid Meters
  • Automatic Meter Reading Systems (AMR)
  • Smart Metering
  • Current Limiters
  • Metering Accessories
  • Metering Panels

SECTION 4.1.1.:
This Code recognizes all the existing meter technologies however the framework for future deployment of meters shall be smart metering.

SECTION 4.1.2. :
The specifications for the energy meters to be deployed in Nigeria are prepared in accordance with the following International Standards:

  • IEC 62052-11
  • IEC 62053-11,21,22 and 23
  • IEC 62055-41 and 52
  • IEC 62056
  • IEC 60044-1,2 and 3