Audit Department:

The Audit Department provides independent assurance for the effective operation of the Agency’s risk management and internal control processes, and ensure compliance of all provisions of the Financial Regulations and other Federal Government circulars. The department is also mandated with the task of ensuring efficient conduct of operations, including adherence to managements’ policies, rules, and regulations in safeguarding assets, prevention and detection of errors and irregularities, promoting the accuracy and reliability of the accounting records.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring compliance with extant rules and regulations, with the existence of internal checks
  • Provision of advisory services to management
  • Audit preparation by the examination of payment vouchers and supporting documents of transaction in compliance with government regulations and due process to prevent error and eliminate fraud.
  • Review and determine the adequacy of the internal control system established by management.
  • Conduct special investigations on behalf of the management on the Agency’s activities and operations.
  • Prepare special report and recommendations for the Agency.