Construction and Components

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1 Body of Meter Bakelite or polycarbonate
2 Terminal Block Made of polycarbonate grade and shall form integral part of the meter base, brass or copper current terminals with star head brass screws as well as bimetallic contacts.
3 Terminal cover. Transparent terminal cover with external provision of sealing through screws
4 Diagram of connections Diagram of external connections to be shown inside the terminal cover
5 Marking on name plates Meter shall have clearly visible, indelible and distinct name plate.
6 Meter sealing One seal shall be affixed one side of meter body.
7 Guarantee/Warranty 5 years
8 Resistance to heat and fire The terminal block of meter case shall be protected against the spread of fire. They shall not be ignited by thermal overload of live parts in contact with them.
9 Measurement or computing chips The Measurement or computing chips used in the Meter shall be with the Surface mount type along with the ASCIIs.
10 Memory Chips The memory chips shall not be affected by the external parameters like sparking, high voltage spikes or electrostatic discharges.
11 Display Modules a) The display modules shall be well protected from the external Ultra-Violet (UV) radiations. b) The display visibility shall be sufficient to read the Meter mounted at a height of 0.5 metre as well as at the height of 2 metres.
12 Communication Modules Communication modules shall be compatible for the two RS 232/485 ports one for optical port for communication with Meter reading instruments & the other, for the hardware. RS 232/485 port to communicate with various modems for AMR such as mobile telephony, radio frequency, fixed line, satellite, or power line communication technology with IEC 62056-21 DLMS/COSEM protocol
13 Optical Port Optical port shall be used to transfer the Meter data to Meter reading instrument. The mechanical construction of the port shall be such to facilitate the data transfer easily.
14 Power Supply The power supply shall be with the capabilities as per the relevant standards. The power supply unit of the Meter shall not be affected in case the maximum voltage of the system appears to the terminals due to faults or due to wrong connections.
15 Electronic Components The active and passive components shall be of the surface mount type to be handled and soldered by the state of the art assembly processes. The components shall be positioned in such a way that the leads of components shall not be under stress and not touching the internal wires.
16 Mechanical Part s The internal electrical components shall be of electrolytic copper and shall be protected from corrosion, rust, etc. 路 The other mechanical components shall be protected from rust, corrosion, suitable plating and painting methods.
17 Battery Lithium with minimum guaranteed life of 10 years and can last without recharging for 60 days.
18 RTC & Micro Controller The accuracy of Real Time Clock shall be as per relevant IEC standards
19 P.C.B. Glass Epoxy, fire resistance grade FR4, with minimum thickness of 1.6mm