Certification and Testing

NEMSA carries out inspections, testing and certification functions in the NESI to ensure the following:

  • Safety and reliability of power supply to consumers
  • Safety of lives and properties (reduction in electrical accidents, loss of lives, economic loss, etc)
  • Quality and standardization of electrical materials, equipment, machines, etc. used for generation, transmission and distribution networks
  • That electrical power systems, networks and installations are put in place and maintained in a manner to provide power supply and services to customers continuously with minimal supply interruptions.

Certification and Testing of:

  • All electrical materials and equipment used for power generation, transmission, distribution and utilization.
  • All electric power generating station (plants) with associated switch yard installations.
  • 330KV & 132KV power transmission line with associated 330/132KV transmitting substations.
  • 33KV sub-transmission lines with associated 33/11KV injection substations.
  • All categories of distribution networks (systems) consisting of 33/11KV high tension lines and distribution substations.
  • Electrical installation in factories, industries, breweries, commercial premises, high-rise buildings, etc.
  • Small consumer installations to ensure that workplaces, residential homes, small business premises, etc. are safe and free from electrical hazards.
  • Electric (concrete/wooden) poles to ensure that only good quality and reliable materials are used in the electricity industry.
  • Electrical installations in hazardous locations like petrol/service filling stations, prospecting oil companies (e.g)- Shell Petroleum Development Company, Mobil, Chevron, etc.) Off – and On-shore flow stations, and wells, floating production storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels, etc.
  • Electrical installation of privately owned Independent power plants (IPPs), electric generating plants or set.