Human Resources
The Human Resources Department is responsible for the strategic utilization of employees to assist the Agency achieve its goals, by ensuring that employees are well versed in their areas of expertise. The department provides staff well being, and serves as a link between the Agency’s management and the entire staff.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Manage human resources operations by recruiting, selecting, training, counselling and disciplining systems as well as maitaining compensation
Ensures all staff receives appraisals in accordance with the policy of the organisation and monitors probationary periods.
Ensures all job descriptions are kept up to date, and creates new jobs when necessary
Ensures all policies and procedures are up to date and legally compliant
Reviews all staff salaries and makes recommendations for salary increase, consultaions with heads of departments. Implement promotions and salary increase
Designs Manpower Development and maintains succession plans for all departments
Ensure payroll is completed accurately and on deadline
Maintain general discipline of staff in line with PSR, FR and extant circulars
Maintain welfare schemes such as: Pensions, Gratuity, Housing Scheme, National Health & Insurance Scheme, etc. for all staff in accordance with the provisions of Public Service Rules
Carries out staff audit and biometrics exercise to enable the preparation of comprehensive nominal roll for the organisation