Metering Services


This department comprises of 4Nos National Meter Test Stations (NMTS), one (1No.) Chemical and Engineering Laboratory (CEL) and Transformer Repair Workshop (TRW) strategically located nationwide.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Type Test Certification: This test is usually conducted on samples of newly introduced meter type (brand) to access its design and construction conformity to relevant IEC standard.
  • Routine Test Certification: Is conducted on every meter unit to access conformity to set criteria, usually accuracy and installation requirements.
  • Re-certification: It is the verification of meter performance and capabilities on expiration of its life span.
  • Acceptance Test: It is a test conducted on samples from a batch of meters to determine the quality level for making acceptance/ejection decisions.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide ancillary services of Transformer repairs and maintenance to the power sector value chain. The workshop can be used to initiate research and training programmes with higher institutions for under-graduate and post-graduate engineers. Also it can be used to refurbish transformers (e.g. transformer re-coiling) which can further be sold out to Nigerian electricity supply Industry (NESI).
  • Transformer Repair Section: This section involves electrical repair and maintenance service for the following transformers.
  • Mechanical Section: This section provides several services due to the various sizes and capabilities of machines and tools capable of carrying pot shaping, boring, and drilling. These machines will aid the mass production of frequently used materials for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the NESI.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • The Chemical & Engineering Laboratory as a Strategic Business Unit provide specialized analytical services in carrying out sampling, testing and analysis on oil sample of insulating fluid of Transformer and lubricating oil utilized in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industries and other allied companies. This is to ascertain its suitability for further use. The test and analysis are carried out on new oil sample and on oil sample in use (service).
  • Provide sector wide value-added services through routine check analysis as the request comes from various operators and maintenance crew of all power transformers and distribution transformers along the power value chain.