Security Unit

Security Unit
The Security Unit is essentially saddled with the responsibility of protecting employees and assets of the Agency.The Unit collaborates with the Police, Paramilitary, designated private security companies and other relevant stakeholders to provide robust security support and unhindered services to maintain a safe environment.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Facility Surveillance / Reconnaissance: To maintain and supervise the constant presence of security guards at all designated facilities of the Agency across the nation.
  • Routine Patrol: Regular patrol of designated facilities of the Agency ensuring the elimination of theft and vandalism.
  • Staff Identification: Production and issuance of staff identification cards for the purpose of identifying authentic staff of the Agency.The process eliminates staff impersonation and the menace of ghost workers.
  • Security Collaboration: The Unit serves as a link between the Agency, Police, private security companies by maintaining good working relationships to establish effective and efficient service delivery.