Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit

Anti-corruption and Transparency Unit was Established by the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation vide Circular Ref. No. OHCSF/MSO/192/94 of 2nd October, 2001 and became operational in the Ministry in 2002.

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ACTU is an autonomous unit with functions cutting across the various Directorate, Departments and Units, in the Nigerian Electricity Management Service Agency (NEMSA) and other stakeholders in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) and Allied Premises. Some of its functions include:

  • Carry out preliminary investigation on reported or actual committal of corruption practices or tendencies, thereafter, recommend for further investigation and prosecution if found guilty.  Act as whistle blower and watchdog to the ICPC;
  • Organize, Sensitization & Awareness Campaigns and Seminars within the Agency on the ills of corruption;
  • Carry out system studies on government policies as it attracts MDA, Monitoring projects, budgets tracking etc;
  • Later and vertical positioning, schedule of duties and retention appraisal of staff in each Department, Units and Area Offices of NEMSA in the Agency’s set-up.


  • System studies (Staff Utilization, Work Ethics, Compliance with extant Rules and Regulation, Wastages on materials, equipment and Man hour.
  • Monthly meetings (To review the activities of the previous month).
  • Capacity Building for ACTU Members workshop/Seminar organized by ICPC;
  • Acquisition of suggestion boxes (for complaints and suggestions).
  • Sensitization programme on awareness to prevention of corruption within the Agency.
  • Sensitization campaign for staff of the Agency in the Area Offices of Nation.
  • Publication of ACTU mandate with pamphlet streamlining the activities of the Unit.
  • Mobilization of staff on the fight against corruption.

The Unit was inaugurated on 10th September, 2020 and it members inducted same day.



NEMSA-ACTU, No. 4 Dar es Salaam Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.

Mobile: 07063624510, 07068681566.