Information and Communications Technology, ICT (Unit)
The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit supports the Agency’s objectives through the use of technology based solutions where appropriate. The Unit provides and maintains the network infrastructure, telecommunications, general office applications/equipment and provides specialized support. Other significant roles include electronic information security, business continuity and emergency planning.

It provides NEMSA Strategic Business Units with Information Communication Technology tools to enable the achievement of commercial goals. The role as a change enabler is crucial because ICT lends their support to Strategic Business Units of Agency to enhance productivity through the innovative use of technology. By so doing, the ICT will drive the provision of Data, Information and Library Services for stakeholders, investors, research and academics and also manage Information Communications through the web and social media.

Key Functions of the Unit:

Provide a sustainable enterprise-wide information system in the organization that will enhance fast, easy and cheap access to information within and outside NEMSA as an organization.
Provide data, information and library services for stakeholders, investors, research, academics
Provide maintenance services on all Hardware, Software, Local Area Network (LAN) and other ICT related infrastructure of the organization.
Develop in-house capacity to operate and manage the vast ICT resources in NEMSA through hands on training.
Manage the organization’s website, social media platforms and provide a seamless relationship with the public affair unit and media.
Provide in-house basic ICT training to staff of NEMSA to enable productivity on their job.
Support other station-wide projects that share or collaborate information process with NEMSA, Headquarters
Offer ICT Technical support to Departments, Units, Sections and individual user
Advice the management at all levels on the need for constant update of ICT infrastructure
Supervise the implementation of ICT capital projects for NEMSA.

Roles and Responsibilities:

ICT Unit:
ICT Security Policy development, implementation and auditing
Information security awareness
ICT Strategy
ICT Asset Management
Business Continuity Planning
ICT training strategy and user support & training
ICT Business Plan
ICT Project Management
Overseeing the activities of the Network & Infrastructures, Database & Applications Management and Web-Services & Content Management units
Network & Infrastructures Management:
The Network Applications and Infrastructure Section is responsible for:
Ensuring Network Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability
Management and Support of the Networked Environment
Management and Support of the Windows Active Directory Environment
Desktop Hardware, Laptops and Printers Deployment
Desktop Application Support
Management of the Remote Access Environment
Network and Server Room Support
Telecommunications (PABX & VoIP)
Provision of Help-desk Services
Provision of Network Printing & Scanning Services
Antivirus, anti-spam & Firewall technologies and management

Database & Applications Management Unit:
The Database Services and Application Systems’ Section is responsible for
Deployment OF ERPS
Support of the ERPS
Deployment of Desktop and Office Productivity Suites across the Network and Offices
Support of the of Desktop and Office Productivity Suites
Development of Feasibility/Systems Reports
The use of eForms technology to support various applications
Emergency Planning Coordination of all Application Issues.

Web Services & Content Management Unit:
The Web services & Content Management Section is responsible for
Management of the Portal
Management of the Mail Services and Mailing Activities on the Domain
Providing Support for all Web Related Activities
Mapping of Activities and Functions on the Web-Sphere and web-domain
Management of Contents for publication to the Web Portal
Uploading of all Web Materials unto the Web Portal (EMIS Contents as well as all other materials)
Emergency Planning Coordination of all Web Related Activities
Development of portal needs of EIMS for the various categories/types of data/information
Manages Domain names, Hosting Services
Manages the email and configurations
Manage the Social Media Networks
Manages ERP and database
Liaise with Public affairs and media on managing related technologies