Our Roles

Functions, Powers and Responsibilities of the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA)

Subject to the NEMSA Act 2015, the Agency shall-
a) Carry out electrical inspectorate services for the Nigerian electricity supply industry;

b) Enforce all statutory technical electrical standards and regulations as published by Nigerian Electricity Commission and all other relevant statutory bodies;

c) Collaborate with the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) and other relevant Government Agencies to ensure that all electrical materials and equipment used in Nigeria are of the right quality and standards;

d) Ensure that the power systems and networks put in place have been properly executed before use, to ensure that such system are capable of delivering safe, reliable and sustainable electricity supply to consumers nationwide;

e) Enforce compliance with technical standards for all electrical installations, electrical plants, including power plants and ancillary systems, electric networks and connectivity to the grid;

f) Enforce compliance with safety requirements for construction, operations and maintenance of electrical power plants, transmission system, distribution networks and electric installations;

g) Enforce the conditions for installation of meters for transmission systems, distribution networks and supply of electricity;

h) Carry out the duties of inspecting engineers for inspection, testing and certification of all categories of electrical installation in the Nigerian electricity supply industry;

i) Provide comprehensive technical support services that will guarantee the efficient production and delivery of safe and reliable power supply and enhance efficient service delivery industry-wide;

j) Provide sustained technical inspection, testing and certification of all electrical materials,[including transformer oil and chemicals] or equipment, power systems, networks [generation, transmission and distribution], or electrical installations to be used in the power sector, to ensure a stable system to deliver safe, reliable, regular power supply, guarantee safety of lives and property, and avert loss of lives and property in the Nigerian electricity supply industry;

k) Test calibrate and certify every brand of electricity meters and instruments whether locally manufactured or imported before use in the Nigerian electricity supply industry; and to periodically carry out sample test of such meters and instruments deployed in the Nigerian electricity supply industry;

l) Test and certify electrical installations in hazardous locations such as in filling stations, prospecting oil companies, off and onshore flow stations or wells, floating production storage and offloading vessels;

m) Process issue competency certificates to qualified electrical personnel working in the Nigerian electricity supply industry;

n) Regularly carry out periodic inspection, monitoring and assessment of existing power plants or stations, installations, extra high voltage(EHV) and high (HV) transmission lines and associated transmitting or switching stations and distribution networks to ensure that they are in regular fitness to generate, transmit, distribute and deliver reliable and safe power supply to the electricity consumers nationwide;

o) Regularly monitor the compliance level of the technical regulations, standards and specifications used in the Nigerian electricity supply industry;

p) Carry out or cause to be carried out investigation of electrical accidents and electrocutions (outright deaths) in connection with generation, transmission, distribution, supply or use of electricity with a view to finding out the causes, and enforce remedial measures and proffer or suggest ways of preventing future occurrence;

q) Promote research on matters affecting the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity;

r) Publish from time to time information beneficial to the growth of the electricity industry including reports and investigation;

s) Advise the minister and other relevant agencies on all technical matters relating to generation, transmission and distribution of electricity;

t) Take over the functions of statutory of statutory electrical inspection, testing and certification of all electrical installation hitherto carried out by the Director of electrical inspectorate services and the electrical inspectorate services division of federal ministry of power;

u) Provide non-core and ancillary services for commercial opportunities and drive in the Nigerian electricity supply industry;(including research and development, electricity information management systems, renewable energy services, specialized medical and health care services, project management and consultancy, electricity workshop service, project unit service for specialized projects in the Nigerian electricity supply industry, logistics, warehousing, and printing technology;

v) Partner and to be a joint and major player with other related services in the Nigerian electricity supply industry; for technical and commercial services and to perform and provide all other related services in the Nigerian electricity supply industry; as may be approved by the minister;

w) Collaborate with other stakeholders in the electricity power sector on standards and specifications of all major electrical equipment and materials manufactured or imported for use in Nigeria, to ensure uniformity and ensure that all electrical equipment and materials comply with approved standards; and

x) Discharge such other functions as may be provided under this Act or conferred by the minister’s directive.