General requirements

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On the Meter name plate shall be affixed:

  • Indelible meter serial number shall not be more than twelve (12) digits and legibly printed
  • Size of the digit of the meter serial number shall be a minimum of 5mm×3mm
  • Bar code shall be printed below the meter serial number
  • Manufacturer’s Name and Trade mark
  • Place of manufacture
  • Year of manufacture
  • Reference voltage, current and frequency
  • Class index
  • Meter constant
  • Owner/Utility’s identity.


    The Meter shall log minimum of 225 tamper events, compartment-wise division of each event and their persistence time shall be indicated. The meter shall not be affected by any remote tamper control device and shall continue recording energy under any one or combinations of the following conditions:

  • Phase sequence reversal: The Meters shall work accurately irrespective of the phase sequence of the supply
  • Detection of missing potential: In case someone intentionally takes out a potential lead, the date and time of such occurrence shall be recorded by the Meter. The restoration of normal supply shall also be similarly recorded. The threshold for the voltages shall be programmable as specified.
  • The manufacturer shall affix one seal on one side of the Meter
  • The internal potential links shall be in closed position or link-less. Meters will be preferred and there shall not be any external link
  • Terminal cover shall be fixed on meter before dispatch
  • The operation manual and the inscriptions on the name plate shall be provided in English Language.


  • Type – Compressible or non-compressible type
  • Material – Plastic with embossed serial number
  • Temperature Range – To withstand operating temperature of up to 70oc
  • Colour -To be of any colour
  • Wire Dimension – Not more than 2.5mm2 cross-sectional area.
  • Average Break Strength – Reasonably large break strength

Every metering system shall be sealed at the following sealing points:-

  • Meter cover
  • Meter terminal cover
  • Meter battery cover
  • Test terminal cover
  • Voltage fuses & Links
  • CTs and VTs terminals
  • Associated circuits, and
  • Metering box or cubicles