Administration Department
The Administration department provides the Agency with the essential support by performing diverse administrative tasks. This is achieved by the integration of processes within the organization to maintain and develop services. The department ensures the smooth flow of daily routines and tasks that enable the Agency operate effectively and efficiently at maximum capacity.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Facility and Asset Management: The provision of a well maintained and functional enviroment that ensures the coordination of the physical workplace with the staff and functions of the Agency.
  • Office Supplies: To ensure that management and staff have all necessary tools and equipment needed to carry out their daily duties.
  • Transport Management: To carry out routine repairs, fueling and maintainance of the Agency’s project vehicles. Ensure that all licenses and documentation of project vehicles are current, and supervision of project drivers
  • Utility Management: To ensure that all utilities are fuctioning optimally, maintain accurate and prompt payment of utility bills and records.
  • Store Inventory: To provide an accurate and detailed inventory of all store items