In terms of compliance with safety precautions and accident mitigation within the Power sector, several Distribution Companies (Discos) and the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) have shown exemplary performance. The following Discos have been recognized as the top performers among the 11 Discos and TCN in Nigeria:

1st                  Kano.
2nd                 Kaduna.
3rd                  Eko.
4th                  Enugu.
5th                  Abuja.
These rankings are based on the aggregated performance of all Discos within the sector from January to March 2023. The Discos listed above have demonstrated a commitment to implementing and adhering to robust safety measures, resulting in a commendable track record of accident prevention and mitigation.

For a detailed and comprehensive overview of the safety rankings, you can access the full report through the provided link: This report offers valuable insights into the safety performance of the Power sector, highlighting the efforts made by these companies to prioritize safety and protect both their personnel and the public.

By recognizing and celebrating the achievements of these top-performing Discos and TCN, we acknowledge their dedication to maintaining safety standards and fostering a secure environment within the Power sector. Their commitment serves as an inspiration for other industry players to prioritize safety and continually improve safety practices.

As we move forward, it is crucial for all stakeholders in the Power sector to embrace and implement effective safety measures. By doing so, we can ensure a secure and reliable power supply for the nation, protecting lives and property while fostering sustainable growth.

Note: To access the complete report, including additional insights and analysis, please use the provided link: