Other Business Unit

Other Business Unit
Other Business units in the Technical service Directorate:

Transformer workshop Services:
Provide ancillary services of Transformer repairs and maintenance to the power sector value chain. The workshop can be used to initiate research and training programs with higher institutions for under-graduate and post-graduate engineers. also it can be used to refurbish transformers (e.g. transformer re-coiling) which can further be sold out to Nigerian electricity supply Industry (NESI).
The Transformer Repair Workshop Ijora is capable of providing product and services required by various Engineering Companies/Oraganisation in the Power sector. the Workshop is divided to 2 sections; Transformer Repair Section and Mechanical Section:

Transformer Repair Section:
In this section since it involves electrical repair and maintainance service, the following services are offered:
Repair and maintainance of Power and Distrbution Transformers
Rewinding of burnt electric motors for pumps, slenoid, coils, contactor coils and machines with faulty windings.
Repair and maintainance of all type 11KV and 33KV circuit’s breakers and panels
Repair and maintainance of stators and rotors in various Power Stations.
Carry out test and certifications
Preventive maintainance
Mechanical Section:
This section provides a lot of services due to various sizes and capabilities of machines and tools capable of carrying pot shaping, boring, drilling. This machines will aid mass productions of frequent used materials for the generartion, transmission and distribution of electricity in the NESI.
Engineering Chemical Laboratory:
Ensure that all petroleum related products such as transformer oil newly imported into Nigeria is being certified in line with quality control measures. Testing of transformer oil to confirm if the required density to withstand high temperature during transformer operation is met. Test on harmful gas like SF86 used in power transmission is conducted in the Chemical Lab to ensure safety of lives and environment in the case of leakage due to aging of the insulator.