The Federal High Court sitting in Akure in its final Judgment in Suit no (FHC/AK/CS/16/19) between Mr. Kayode Ogidan, owner of Parliament Hotel, Akure, and The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) on 5th November 2019, held that NEMSA has jurisdiction over all electricity consumers in Nigeria.

In this Suit, Mr. Kayode Ogidan, tried to prevent the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency from performing its statutory duty of monitoring and inspecting his facility to ensure that the electrical connections were of the right type, quality and standard for safety of use and safety of lives and property in line with the Agency’s mandate, functions, roles and responsibilities as contained in the NEMSA Act, 2015.

With this decision, the judiciary has upheld and affirmed the statutory authority of the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) in ensuring that electrical materials, equipment, instruments used in the NESI, other workplaces and premises are of the right type, quality, standard and specifications and that electrical installations in homes, offices, commercial and industrial premises are been properly installed and/or executed to ensure reliability and safety of use, lives and property.